Porsche factory role for New Zealand driver Brendon Hartley in 2019

Started by RS ZWEI, December 11, 2018, 12:38:11 PM

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porsche motorsport don't have numbnuts in charge of like redbull/torro rosso



I always thought he should have stayed there but I guess you have to follow your dreams.
Anyway, he will no doubt, be better for the experience and although probably a pretty frustrating year for him may in the end have proved a worthwhile exercise.
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Quote from: schattenblau on December 11, 2018, 02:04:48 PM
porsche motorsport don't have numbnuts in charge of like redbull/torro rosso


That is rather unfair, he was MUCH slower than Gasly in almost all qualifying, he had a break with the weather, and in the races even when he had a decent qualifying position he didn't take advantage of it in the race. To be blunt, I was surprised he didn't get dropped after the mid-season break. I do rate him as a driver, but perhaps not F1?
I'm not quite sure what his problem was but perhaps he never quite settled down to the high-risk cut-throat nature of F1 versus the paced nature of endurance where there was also a lot of emphasis on preserving the car and getting it home. Might have been he just wasn't ever fully at home with the open wheel, exposed cockpit rather than the enclosed WEC cars? For the latter, I had a drive in an uncle's FV many, many years ago and it just felt so exposed I couldn't relax - and that was just during a test day, no way I'd feel comfortable in a race.
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