Provident insurance - Extended warranty

Started by Milespnz, October 20, 2022, 12:48:19 PM

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Hi everyone, I'm looking at a 2018 Tiguan Highline with the 2.0 and 4Motion. It looks very tidy but I'm pretty keen to have the car covered by a warranty so that I don't lose sleep at night.

The dealer has said they can provide cover through Provident Insurance using their Pinnacle Cover product. Details here >

The cover will cost $2400 for 3 years which includes:

- Unlimited Claims

- Unlimited kms

- Up to $10,000 per claim

- $450 excess

- AA Roadside Assist

- Consumables are covered as part of the claim

What are people thoughts and experiences on this type of cover? Has anyone made claims through this company before?

In terms of the cost, how flexible are these prices, can dealers usually do a better price than the initial quote?