1988 SEAT Ibiza (Pre-VAG)

Started by rambo_005, February 08, 2007, 02:05:11 PM

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From Wikipedia:

The Mk1 Ibiza was based on the Fiat 127/Ritmo/Regata, and used a powertrain which had been developed in collaboration with Porsche. This was the first SEAT which did not share any external body panels with any Fiat model, having been designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. This version, while it established the now classic Ibiza shape, was advertised as having 'Italian styling and German engines'.

In terms of size, it was larger than most Ford Fiesta and Austin/MG Metro sized cars, but smaller than most cars in the Ford Escort and Volkswagen Golf sector. Styling was fairly imaginative and interior space was good, but the Ibiza was let down by suspect build quality, heavy steering and doubtful reliability.

In 1999 the design was sold to Chinese car firm Nanjing who redeveloped into the Nanjing Yuejin Eagle and 2004 Soyat.



Love those old Ibiza's !.. I remember when they sold new here

So tempting.. looks in good nick.. but all the way down in CHCH :(

That steering wheel looks mad with all the controls on it
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Engine bay reminiscent of it's small Fiat heritage.........where else would you store a spare wheel??


Quote from: X 130R on February 08, 2007, 03:51:54 PM
Love those old Ibiza's !.. I remember when they sold new here

There is a red one that I often see around in Wanganui, they're a cool looking little car.


They did a model called the 'Sportif' or something like that in the UK which had a 1.6 0r 1.7 fuel injected motor, It was a pretty useful car, that had special mags & body kit, it was just before VW bought them, and the good thing was it was different to the normal Fiesta XR2i and the Vauxhall Nova's.
I might as well be talking a foreign language with these cars you've probably never heard of.


I near brought that red one in wangas a few years ago I have vivid memories of the test drive. Very fun drive was not enough to pass up the audi90 or the FAIT 131 I had at the time.