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Started by Filx, March 13, 2009, 10:13:14 PM

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Coupe as well - is that unusual? Can't say I've seen one before.
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It's a real shame that Seat never took off over here, because you can't really beat them for bang for buck with style.
Always liked them and with the VW background very under rated.
I had a Leon TDi for a while and couldn't fault it, would have to say if I had the choice it would be a leon over a golf >:D


Was Seat ever brought here other than the pre-VAG days which feature the old Fiat 124 shape?


I'm only going on what I've heard, I think they did a trial period of VW importing them and then dicided to go with Skoda instead


They sold a shipment of Cordobas here around 94/95ish. Not sure why they ended up in NZ but I don't think they were meant to come here.


There was a shipment of Cordoba's in 2000.. But it was the outgoing 6N Polo version
I have one
They are more fun to drive that the VW siblings
Also a few Ibiza's around

There was also the pre-VAG Ibiza in a bout '88
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Quote from: X 130R on March 14, 2009, 10:25:07 PM
There was also the pre-VAG Ibiza in a bout '88
The 'Sportline' was the best version and probably one of the last versions of that, that had a reaonable body kit and a fuel injected 1.7 engine