SEAT brand dropped in NZ, Cupra to remain

Started by rambo_005, December 20, 2022, 04:16:23 PM

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QuoteWhy is SEAT moving to CUPRA?
SEAT and CUPRA have been sold alongside each other for a few years in New Zealand.  Now, with the range of vehicles coming under the CUPRA brand, the importers of SEAT & CUPRA have decided the future is CUPRA.

As predicted by many, and as the introduction of only the Cupra brand to Australia would indicate, Cupra is beginning to replace the SEAT brand.
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I wonder why..........$
All part of the grand plan to rise prices closer to what EV's will be when that it what they must sell.
When a bottom of the line ?koda is $40,000, I rest my case.
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I always thought it was an ambitious task to try and garner a market share using a range of very similar brands sharing the same platform in a very limited market that is NZ.

Fine tuning it into just the Cupra identity is a smart move. It provides an entry level Euro performance brand in NZ.

Some older Europeans, draw the dots from SEAT to the Fiat 124 and then to Lada. And we all know what a success that has been.

That and then I think the fate of SEAT was properly sealed when the NZ Police opted for (the long recognized) Skoda as a brand.