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CANBUS VagCom VCDS available in Wellington

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I'm up and running with CANBUS enabled VCDS in Lower Hutt. Able to scan and clear codes and will be getting into programming and canbus gateway upgrades within the next two weeks when my workload permits and the parts arrive. I'm fully mobile so I can come to you if required. OBD2 only at present, but I'll look into getting an adapter if there's a demand for it with older cars.

PM or txt 0275022583

Hi There....I've just bought a 2.0 FSi and the Cruise control does not engage.....could I get you to run a scan on it?.......Is probably worth a 6pack for you.

Will be good to do it soonish so I can talk to the vendor about what needs to be done to fix.

LOL... just noted the date on that post....was a few years ago...

Anyone else in WLG able to do a quick scan on my 2.0 FSI?

I'm in Lower Hutt

Yup iím based in Lower Hutt but not back til the 17th. PM me if you can wait til then.


I'm all good...Noway1 got in touch and I bought his VAGCOM off him....quite a bit to learn...seems a very powerful tool


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