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Audi A3 Instrument Cluster Problems
« on: July 10, 2019, 10:20:49 am »
Hi everyone,

I have just purchased a 2006 Audi A3 2.0L FSI at 150,000kms. Upon test driving it everything was great, so I opted to get a pre-purchase inspection done at VTNZ which came back great bar a few minor issues (slight leak on the inner CV boot and slight surface rust on the rear brake rotor).

When picking the car up last night (9/07), everything was normal and running smoothly. After driving around for a while (maybe 45 minutes to an hour) the instrument cluster began to have problems. The needles for the revs, temperature gauge, fuel and speed all dropped to zero/the lowest point. Because it was night time, my lights were on and the instrument cluster remained lit up. The time, date and odometer were also still showing up. The radio was still working, but my indicators were unresponsive, as were the A/C controls. This problem continued intermittently for a little while. I drove it to work this morning and went on a bit of a detour to check everything was running as it should and it seemed completely fine today.

I've had a look through some other forums which suggest this is a common problem among Audi A3's, though it's hard to distinguish whether this could be the whole instrument cluster failing or just some loose wires/a bad earth. From what I've read, my problems don't seem entirely typical of a full on instrument cluster failure.

I'm going to check for loose wires tonight, and I've also been advised to disconnect the negative side of the battery for a few minutes before reconnecting it. Does anyone have any advice/experience regarding this issue?

Follow to see a video of what it was doing last night.

Thanks in advance!
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