Author Topic: 7LA Touareg BKS Engine (3.0 V6 TDI) Injector Seat Seal Replacement  (Read 4695 times)

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I've been getting the nasty diesel smell in the cabin that is one of two things - cracked exhaust manifold concertina or bad injector seat seals. Seeing as the car is on 290,000km, the seat seals are likely to need replacing anyway. I've done the right bank as it's easiest to get the injectors out with the simple removal of some of the air plumbing. The left bank will be done later for reasons outlined later

1. Cleaning the injector tips. WD40 to help dissolve the rubbish, followed by brake cleaner. A *brass* wire brush to scrub it clean
2. There'll be a bit of dislodged crud left in the bores in the head when the injectors are pulled. A bit of thin tubing attached to the shop vac using insulation tape allows you to suck it out. I also have a bore cleaning kit for a final wipe clean
3. The injectors and their feed pipes must go back in the same cylinder they came from. Don't swap them around
4. Make sure all recommended torques are followed  (ElsaWin)

Even with only half the cylinders done, it feels smoother.

As well as getting the fuel filter out of the way, the left bank requires part of the intake manifold out of the way too. It's the part where the EGR inlet is. I need to remove the entire intake from this point forward anyway as I need to get into the lower intake manifolds and clean and rebuild the swirl flaps, and I also want to clean many thousands of KM worth of gunk from the EGR out of the manifolds. Just waiting on the last of the parts I need to rebuild the swirl flaps before I do the left bank and manifolds so I can do it in one go.
2006 7LA Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI