1.8T AUM Coolant flange query [resolved]

Started by Verisarity, August 04, 2021, 03:47:15 PM

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Does anybody have experience with the coolant flanges (specifically the one that mates to the engine block and splits off 3 ways) for the AUM block 1.8T engine? I ordered some flanges (1 aluminum and one plastic (from "topran")) both exactly the same except the material, and seal type (alum had paper gasket, plastic had o-ring) -- I had assumed that all 1.8T engines had the same flange, apparently not! I just got a call from my mechanic saying that the flange in my car has a smaller inner diameter than the replacement parts, which I believe (trust) but seems unusual.
Does anybody know when they downsized the flange? My car is an '04 model MK4 Gti for reference.

Resolved: it appears I failed to do my research, from what I can tell the 5-speed auto has a different part to the manual version, so I must?ve ordered the flange for the manual model.