Silver 2 door R32 on TM recently

Started by superfueler, April 30, 2023, 01:36:36 PM

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Hi vaskers,

On Saturday I was browsing the vw section of trademe and saw the listing of a silver 2 door with sunroof from a guy in Christchurch. Price was set at $30 000 which I thought was a bit over the top as the car was not in mint condition.  Yesterday the listing was gone before I could note the plate number so I wonder if it sold and who the new owner might be. They don't come up for sale often.

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Hi Superfueler, the plate was NWK243 and is Christchurch based. I'm not sure if it sold or not. However, it is in a lot better condition than it had been in the past and the owner has done well to get it where it is today. It was on Trade Me in late 2019 early 2020 ish in a really bad way.


The last few have come up for sale and found new owners without being advertised. Prices have been between 20-27k for the last few.

The pricing on that one may have been optimistic based on its questionable history. I recall when it last came up it had no key and was missing parts so good work on the owner to get it running.

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Correct and I think the engine wasn't in the best state and was completely overhauled by the owner who listed it recently. Hate to think how much that would have cost....


Probably the car to give a miss. It was a local car to Papakura and was stolen and recovered twice I believe and completely ragged when they found it
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