VW Golf M4: Adding G12 coolant -amount? - when water has already been added?

Started by LilyWai, May 12, 2021, 12:13:48 PM

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So, my VW Golf 2002 - which I've had since buying off the lot new - gave the ol ?STOP - Check Coolant? message the other day.
Once I got home & the car had cooled down I saw the level of coolant in the tank was well below the Min section mark although I could still see some of the pinkish coolant in the bottom.
I called my local mechanics to get advice & he confirmed what I knew after online search, that I would need to order the VW G12 specific coolant, but that in the meantime I could just top it up with filtered water to tide me over till the coolant arrived, which I did. I added enough water to get it to just above the minimum section on the tank as I figured this would get me in 'the safe zone'.

Flash forward to two days later and my bottle of G12 coolant has arrived but I see it is pre-mixed with water so I am now unsure of how much of the coolant I should add considering I have already added a decent amount of water to the tank.
Should I try and remove some of the water?
Or will it being a little more dilute than it would be if I just added the bottle of coolant alone not be too much of an issue?
Also is there a maximum level on the tank or should I just add as much of the 1ltre bottle of G12 as possible right up to top of tank?

Thanks in advance for any info/advice.