2005 GTi key fob unlocks boot but not doors

Started by Alcest, November 20, 2022, 08:42:45 AM

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Hi folks, any ideas what could cause this? When I press the key fob button you can hear the locks as if they are locking and unlocking but the car remains locked. I have to insert key into door lock to get central locking to work.

Also key fob unlocks boot no problem, it works fine.

Any ideas?! Thanks


Have you tried resyncing the fob to the car?  I remember there being a procedure using the key in the door and turning+holding in a specific sequence.  There'll be a writeup somewhere online on how to do it, just can't recall if it was something that was needed on the MK5's.
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Thanks mate, tried one of the tips to resync but no change. However i did try a tip to clean the fuse for central locking and reinsert it and now the rear doors can lock and unlock with the key fob but the fronts don't. Still need to use the key manually for the front.


The problem could be a shorted contact on the board. If you have a way of sorting this out, it would be a good idea.