Front subframe knocking, loose bolts

Started by dummer, December 29, 2023, 11:50:57 PM

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There's a knocking sound when I turn and lock the steering wheel left/ right.
After checking the bolts on the subframe I found the two *Rear subframe* bolts does not hold the torque spec.

After googling, Time-Sert seems to be a better options compare to Helicoil but not sure where to get them :-\

Looking at this page, there are two lengths (9.3/16.3mm) for M12 x 1.5 insert.
Can anyone tell me which length I should get?

Anyone try this helicoil style repair kit ?


The Red Warrior

We use the helicoil repair kits at work. They are ok, but the versions with the 4 tangs that you hit in after installation are better.
As for length, remove one of the original bolts and you should be able to see how much thread engagement there has been in order to know what length to order.