Mk 5 Golf TDi - wobbles between 60-90ish kph - NOT a wheel-balancing issue

Started by justanothernoob, May 25, 2023, 03:13:37 PM

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Thought I'd already posted but can't find the post so apologies if I'm spamming the group with a repeat question ...

Car wobbles UNDER ACCELERATION around the 60-90 kph mark. As soon as I ease off on the accelerator, the wobble stops.

I've heard people suggest inner CV joint or possibly suspension.
The front suspension is starting to get creaky but the fact that the problem only happens when I'm accelerating and then stops as soon as I take foot off the pedal ... I'm leaning towards inner CV joint at the transmission end?

Thoughts? Anyone been through this before? What was the fix? Is it DIYable if you have jack, ramps, wrenches? Or is it just as cheap to pay someone else to do it?

Thanks peeps.


Inner CV issue. It's a DSG with tripod joints???

My wifes Touran is going it now. Wobbles gently through the car, NOT the steering and the instant you let of the throttle, it stops?

The bearings in the joint wear, and also wear grooves into the housing.

A workmates one munched itself turning sharp and broke the bearing into pieces too, after wobbling for a while.

I'm hoping to do my Mrs ones this weekend, with a set of spare used shafts I happen to have already. She's got clicky outers too, so whole shafts are a no brainer.


thanks for the quick reply - yep, sounds like the same symptoms.

Any suggestions for parts suppliers in NZ (ideally Auckland)?

the phantom

it's not an uncommon issue, so the dealers are likely to have the parts in stock
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