Wanting to buy Cheap/damaged mk5 gti

Started by 16macarr, November 23, 2021, 11:38:43 AM

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Hi there I am after a mk5 gti golf that is either cheap or damaged.
I am in takaka so will need a method or transport please text me a 027 227 7972 if you have anything available. 👍


what is your interpretation of cheap?
Have a Mk5 gti 2006 I want to move on, 210K.
NZ new. DSG. Black.
No mechanical problems at all.
Needs LH front guard and small repair RH rear just above the rear bumper.
Was looking to tidy it up and sell, but really not too interested in spending time on it.


Hi, could you please tell me if you managed to buy one? Currently planning a move to New Zealand and deciding between mk4 and mk5. I wonder what the prices were in 2021 and how much they have changed.


Checkout TradeMe - that is your best indication of what's available and what sort of price.