Golf GTi Mk5 or Mk6 Maintenance

Started by elliotp, June 14, 2022, 12:17:13 PM

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Hey guys,

I`ve never owned a golf, but its now at the top of my list for when i sell my 370z.

I have a budget to stick to of about 15k, and I'm looking at either a Mk5 or Mk6. From my research both cars have their known maintenance items which if addressed shouldn't cause any issues.

Now here's my thinking of immediate maintenance, and my thoughts may expose a knowledge gap, which is what I'm hoping you guys can help with.

Mk5 Auto -  I can pick one up for well under 15k, and immediately get the cam follower replaced, and then if service history is an issue, get the gearbox oil replaced and have the cam belt replaced. With those items it may get me closer to 15k but it should cover off any potential issues.

Mk6 Auto - I can get one with over 100,000kms for roughly 15k, maybe a bit under. But it sounds like i should replace the cam chain and tensioner immediately for peace of mind, then again if service is an issue replace the gearbox oil. This may get me a little over 15k but i can live with that.

What i want to know, is am i missing any major known issues with these cars that should be done immediately that could push the cost up and out of my range?

Also for those who have driven both the Mk5 and 6 which one did you prefer?


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My 2c,
Buy a MK6, period. (Do not buy a 1.4, MK5 or 6)
Much much nicer car and nicer interior. MK5's really are getting old and showing their age.

Yes, timing chain and tensioner on MK6, also look for headlining coming away around the front sunglass holder.
Most important is service history.
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A bit of haggling from a private seller should get you an Edition 35 for $15k.
Way better once you start modifying it?.. and you will want to


I assume you must be talking about a GTI for those prices? As if not - you can get a Mk7 Highline for $15k.

If you're not after a GTI, get a Mk7. If you want a GTI, get a Mk6. As per above comment, I have a ED35 I'm looking to sell soon. PM me if you're interested and I'll give you the details.