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Started by tlau003, January 18, 2021, 04:44:24 PM

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being here not so long, but I have some questions about the tyres the Golf mark 6 90kw (imported from Japan).
I have been using this for two years already. the tyres were new when I bought this car.

someone said it's good to "Swap the front pair of tyres with the back pairs" coz this is a FF car, it is good to do so.
I am thinking swapping the front and back is not a hard task, but after that, do i have to ask someone to arrange the wheel alignment?
Is that really necessary to do the swapping?

Cheers, TIA



I am guessing someone suggested you to 'rotate' the tyres, and yes it can definitely help with preserving tyre profile and even tyre wear.

I think for front wheel drive cars, you do forward cross where you take your LHD rear tyre to the RHD front tyre, and RHD Rear to LHD front. and then RHD front to RHD rear, LHD front to LHD rear.

There are multiple patterns and ways people do it, but the reasoning is something like below:

- the tyre that drives the car/drivetrain wears out faster. by swapping the tyres between the tyres that drive the car with others, you can level the amount of each specific tyres go through in a set amount of time.

-our roads are not 'flat'. it  usually has a sloping camber towards the edge of the street to promote drainage of rainwater, etc. so tyres can wear out in similar camber. so the 'crossing' part of the tyre rotation can help with that too.

For re-balancing and re-aligning, I would say i have never done it just for a rotation.

- Balancing is done per wheel, balancing each of the wheels, so swapping positions don't matter.
- Alignment is done to the car, not the wheels. so rotation should not matter also.

i would say for cars i owned, i rotated tyres every 10k mileage or so, and aligned wheels (unless something is really off with vibrations, etc) when i got new set of tyres.

1. it is good practice to rotate tyres.
2. it is not required to re balance or re align the wheels after a just rotating the tyres.


Depends on your philosophy about replacing tyres.

Some only replace two worn tyres at a time, so rotating not a big thing,

Some will replace four at a time so rotation will ensure even wear.

Usually swapping front to rear and a wheel alignment/balance once a year is sufficient unless you go off-roading or park by touch.



Cool... thanks mate. Replace two in a time do save some money. Great idea.

I Will try to do the "rotate/swap". I will also do the alignment only if there is any issue.
;D ;D