Oil filter mount thread stuck in housing

Started by eliotbnz, October 30, 2021, 02:28:27 PM

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Hey team,

Performing my first oil change on a non-japanese car. Have had it done professionally since owning the vehicle, but was sick of overpaying. Got a kit from Harry's delivered, seems all good.

Well the existing oil filter was extremely tough to remove, and has left behind the built-in mounting thread. So my new oil filter can't fit, until I remove either the same piece from my new filter, or the old piece from the oil filter housing on the engine itself - at least this is what I can make of it.

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with this here and can offer advice?


Pretty sure I had something weird like this happen when I did my scirocco. Repost this to the Facebook group and I'm sure somebody will know if you haven't got it sorted already.
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mark2 golf

Just grab it with some multi grips and unscrew it. It happens every know and then. No Biggy
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