Virtual Cockpit error B200041 - SOLVED

Started by coons, September 23, 2023, 11:26:14 AM

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Posting this here as a reference and archive for anyone on VASK or googling trying to find a solution.

I had an error on the dash "Instrument Cluster Error. Please visit workshop". It then leaves an orange [!] light and the word 'Error' where the trip mileage displays. ACC was also disabled, with the error "Front assist unavailable".

When scanned, the error was B2000 41 - "Control Module Faulty"

This seems to be quite a niche error, and there is almost no information on the internet about it. I contacted VW but they had never heard of the error, and advised it would need to be booked in for further diagnosis and most likely would require a replacement virtual cockpit fitted at anywhere from $1,500-6,000 depending on if it was new or used. I knew that was not required, so kept researching.

After a few days of driving around with the error I realised that there was no sound coming from the dash, ie. turn signals, seatbelt chime, etc. I googled about speaker failure, and finally stumbled upon an article from Minitools that confirmed my suspicion.

Article here

Replacement speaker here

The speaker arrived promptly via DHL, and is very easy to install, it just screws onto the back of the cluster and plugs in (no soldering). Put it all back together, and bingo all codes are cleared.

It took me a good couple of weeks to solve this, so hopefully this helps anyone else who suffers the same error. Happy to have resolved it for a hundred bucks or so!


Don't think so. It's a different size, and it doesn't have the tabs to screw it in place. Not sure if the resistance of the speaker matters, but that one is 8ohm rather than 4ohm.


Why would a speaker stop the cluster working is just crazy. Good that you solved it


Definitely highlights the disconnect between hardware and software.

Good work and hopefully helps someone in the future!
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