Fault Automatic Light Control

Started by nikhilg12, March 11, 2024, 03:33:04 PM

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I have been getting the above error warning when the car starts in the dark or when the headlights are triggered to turn on when entering a dark environment. The headlights eventually turn on anyway but this message pops up. I know there is a fault with the lightning control, but if anyone has encountered this issue, what was the fix for this? I have mechanical warranty so if any hardware needs to be changed will it be covered? If not costs involved to fix this?

Thanks in Advance.
2013 MK7 Golf 1.4 TSI


Really? No one's had this issue? SMH  ::)
2013 MK7 Golf 1.4 TSI


Probably a case of most people with MK7s don't log into old school vask.

Best checking the facebook version of vask or asking an overseas forum.
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123 views but maybe these guys have had no such issues. Whats the new version of VASK?
2013 MK7 Golf 1.4 TSI


Sounds like "headlight range control fault". I had this on my DTM a while back and it was the range control sensor mounted on the rear suspension of the car, this controls the up / down movement of your xenon's according to car rear end load so as not to blind oncoming traffic.

Mine's part number is 8E0 907 503. Yours might be same part number.

Agents wanted $900 for this little gem, but SD european has them for $185 incl GST.
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Nah this one's not that. It's a fault with the automatic lights. I have been reading and it seems its the sensor near the rain sensor somewhere on the dash (probably near the rearview mirror)
2013 MK7 Golf 1.4 TSI