Software upgrade - ACC & Front Assist not available

Started by MrMobius, July 13, 2022, 10:43:46 AM

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Hi.  The ACC & Front Assist stopped working on one of my 2017 TSIs.  I was told a week or so ago (by the service dealer) that it needs a software upgrade that will cost over $400 - as they also need to do wheel alignment etc when they do it.  It seemed kinda crazy price wise.  Now my other TSI also has the same thing.  Am I being ripped off?  As, well a software assist can't possibly cost this no matter what else they want/need to do at the same time.  Also anyone else have this problem - and is there a more cost effective solution?  Thanks in advance.

Oh and I drove the new R the other day to Taupo, New Plymouth and back to Akl - and ohhhh myyy!  As a rental - at this stage:)