A1 shakes a bit on mainly cold or first start up

Started by Beaker555, December 23, 2018, 09:22:23 AM

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Hi All, Newby and first post. We just purchased an A1 from a dealer a jap import with 62000 on the clock. Only had it got a week and discovered that when starting for the first time overnight or after several hours it shakes a bit for about 15-20 seconds, also blows out a small amount of blackish looking smoke. I've looked on other forums and this seems to be a common thing but with no real fix. Does anyone have any ideas why this may be occurring and if this could be a more serious problem. Any answers greatly appreciated thanks


Blackish smoke would indicate overly rich mixture................probably just needs a diagonistic check and complete service
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le mans

Take it back to the dealer ASAP. It?s repair should be covered by the consumer guarantees act.

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both correct, it's running rich and the dealer needs to put the diagnostics on it to identify the fault, could be a number of things
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Awesome thanks for the fast responses. When it happened the first time we took it back as a couple of error messages came on . One was alternator fault battery is not being charged the other was automatic start stop system fault , currently not available. They tested the battery and found it low on charge so replace that, they then discovered that some Oil had gotten into the alternator when they did the original service when it landed and before they put it on the lot and that is why it was shaky on start up ie low battery not charging?.. there was no smoke just shaking on start up  prior to taking it in or at least there didn't appear to be any smoke . None of the
faults occur now and stop start works as it should but still shakes and but of black smoke now  :(
Thanks again , any more thoughts . We will still take it back though but may get a more Audi savvy person to have a look as well