Can you clock an A1

Started by Beaker555, December 23, 2018, 09:25:04 AM

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Hi all, just wondering if clicking speedos is still a big issue especially with these more modern vehicles with computers etc. We have a 2012 A1 with 62000 on the clock which I guess could be right given it's age. Just a question really to see if there might be anything to worry about.
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easy to do with a Chinesium Cable.

wouldn't put it past most the crapty Car Dealers there are here.


What about the service Audi have online service record.?
I can check mine via app on phone (?koda that is)
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Haha thanks what is a chinesium cable ? No service records or history apparently due to being in Chinese . I had a friend put the VIN number into some audi service thing but it came back with no records.
Thanks again


Hah Japanese not Chinese ium lol