2009 B6 PASSAT 2.0 TDI 125kw STAGE 1 Map etc

Started by harlansmart, May 04, 2021, 12:47:17 AM

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Hey team,

About to tour South then North Islands via pretty much everywhere this month.

Anywhere particularly good en route for decat, EGR, DPF, mufflerectomy, Stage 1 flash type stuff etc?

Can always visit one of the recognised forum pro's later but some advantages doing it before a 2,500km drive.

TIA, Harlan


Hey mate. If you?re in Christchurch feel free to pop in to my shop and we can have a chit chat about options.
Elite Motorsport NZ
72 Orbell Street, Sydenham
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Tornado Red Mk5 2.0 TFSI Variant - Elite Motorsport Stage 2
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Thanks Arno,

Will flick you a line tomorrow mate, cheers.

FWIW: couple other VASK'ers reached out to me privately, recommending you, which is a good sign (thanks guys).


Thanks a lot team,

Taking (now proven) sound advice from a number of VASK members we made a booking w/ Elite Motorsport NZ and had a Stage 1 map uploaded to the ECU.

With a fair bit of experience from time spent hanging around engineering shops, garages, tuners workshops whatnot it was clear these guys knew exactly what they were doing - the job wasn't entirely simple as the ECU was in a NZL New vehicle w/dealer dieselgate, anti-tamper s/w etc applied however Arno, Graham, Bruce & Co. soon had the job completed in fine style.

We felt they ran a professional workshop, appeared fully up to date in all aspects, being highly equipped w/modern sophisticated tools & software - they even provided refreshments etc during our short wait.

After taking good care of the vehicle they performed a bunch of diagnostics finishing off w/a road test to confirm function and we were on our way - soon learning she will go up the heady incline of Porters Pass in 5th gear, seldom needs to drop down and is returning great fuel economy.

Having used a few tanks here's a little data gathered on performance and range under light/medium loading & considerate driving.

2.0L TDi CR 170 CBBB
6sp Twin Clutch DSG
OEM 16x7 205/55

Urban 1050+
Mixed 1250+
Highway 1550+

Super happy w/the result, we knew it would be good (we already have one of these vehicles in the fleet) however this Elite tuned vehicle has definitely a lot more ?go? while returning the same (if not slightly better) economy than stock.

We?re looking forward to some additional tuning upgrades as well as servicing by Elite (who have shops in Christchurch as well as Auckland).

Cheers VASK Forum and especially Elite Motorsport NZ