Started by Max, August 22, 2019, 02:23:06 PM

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I see VW NZ website is describing the Passat as 'sold out' and refers readers to their SUV range. Anyone know if that means it will no longer be available in NZ? 



Maybe so....?

I have a Passat Alltrack, so was curious about the wagons....



EMD stopped selling the sedan version a while ago. It may be that they're waiting for the new facelifted Passat to become available? Otherwise, that could be it for the NZ market...


This from rep yesterday:

"Hi Paul,

Thank you for your inquiry in regards the Passat.

At this stage the Passat is not available in New Zealand due to the new model and we are not sure if it will be coming to New Zeeland.

Only one model is coming to NZ and it?s the Passat Alltrack 162kw TSI model. Pricing and arrival date is yet to be confirmed."


So my latest enquiry to EMD on the availability of the Alltrack wagon came back with a 'not coming to NZ' more Passats for NZ apparently!

Skoda about to launch the Superb Scout with turbo petrol engine so may have to have a look at one of those......but just a bit too big and barge like I suspect.



The Passat Alltrack is making a comeback: