Help - Polo GTI 9N fuel line

Started by k3zza, May 01, 2020, 09:31:29 AM

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Need help please. Car: VW Polo GTI 9n / Mk4

I need to get a replacement fuel tank to fuel filter feed line for this car.

In my hastiness / wrong tools for the job, I ended up splitting the line and snapping the connection and the whole line needs replacement.

It's at the mechanic to get swapped out, however due to shipping costs they said the line would cost upwards of $500 NZD landed (which seems excessive for a line).

Does anyone know what part number I'm looking for? The picture of just the line is one I found on ECS for a Golf GTI Mk4. Not sure it is the same part...

Also, are there non OEM replacement lines that can be bought and made up for the job? (the line broken is circled) (the same line from ECS for a Golf GTI Mk4)
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Not sure if a 9N and Mk4 Golf are the same, but there must be hundreds 9Ns or Mk4s being dismantled so grabbing a second hand line somewhere should be quick and easy.
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