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Mk7 Golf - Jetta / Re: My Jetta GLI
Last post by 80 Vert - Today at 06:43:31 AM
Seat belts in hand I fitted those, they replaced all 6 gas charges for the pre tensioners and re set the belts so it was merely a case of fitting them back into the car. I took my VCDS cable and a new laptop with me for this purpose so plugged that in and cleared the codes, light out. Win.
Did a full scan and clear only leaving a couple random codes for things like low refrigerant pressure etc.
Coolant elbow in hand I completed the cooling system and filled it with coolant. I didn't have a vacuum filler so back to old school way of doing things, fill it up and idle it till the thermostat opens. Sounds simple right?
Anyway, that wasn't so easy. Left it running for a while and got two fault codes for trapped air in the heater pump.
Even a VW pdf suggested a vacuum filler for these codes but there has to be another way, using VCDS I ran the output test for the heater pump and circulation pump many times to purge the air out which worked.
Left the engine running with VCDS hooked up waiting for the thermostat to open, which didn't. Hmmm.
Temps got up to 108 deg c, cooling fan came on but the radiator outlet stayed at 20 deg c which made me worry that electric stepper motor thermostat was cooked. These combined water pumps have a host of issues and I started thinking mine was fried.
A bunch of research later I found VCDS can open and close the thermostat as a basic setting, tried this the next morning and basic setting completed successfully backed up by audible noise from the pump. Ok so what is it. Ran it again and same result, bottom hose stays cold but this time with the engine at 108deg I shut it off and used basic setting to open the thermostat which immediately increased the radiator outlet to 55deg so
my theory was the car wasn't getting hot enough just sitting there idling. As a backup I ordered a new pump anyway from FCP just in case.
Following morning with VCDS monitoring temps I took it for a drive, no insurance or registration I kept it very local but trans shifts nice and getting on it a bit temps soon rose and as predicted the thermostat opened and all was normal. Just over thinking it but considering it was crashed anything was possible, including a blown head gasket.
Car went well, boosts well and no fault codes. You do notice the lower HP a lot as these are only rated at 228hp but in time an IE stg 1 will go in bumping that up to 300hp.
Mk7 Golf - Jetta / Re: My Jetta GLI
Last post by 80 Vert - May 17, 2024, 02:24:48 PM
With the engine bay looking pretty complete there's still a few parts I'm waiting for, the seat belts from Safety Restore were on their way back to me by this stage. They have been a pretty phenomenal company to deal with.
The coolant elbow turned into a bit of a faff, FCP Euro claimed 2 days before they could ship but nearly a week later they still hadn't shipped it so after a bit of to and fro with them I decided to just order one from the local VW dealer which was special order and had to be pre paid.
Once that was done I went back to FCP to cancel the other one only to be told it had arrived and been shipped out D'OH!!
Next day FCP order arrived with my it turned out the one I ordered from the dealer I ordered wrong in any case so all a bit of a balls up.
Mk7 Golf - Jetta / Re: My Jetta GLI
Last post by 80 Vert - May 17, 2024, 02:03:34 PM
When I originally started sourcing parts for this thing the bumper was by far the most difficult to find as they are GLI specific, most of these cars I found wrecked were hit in the front and the bumper was usually beyond repair. It took many months of looking on ebay every week till I eventually found one. It was an insurance replacement job bare bumper cover and the body shop was selling the one that came off the car.
It had some scrapes and scratches but the upside was that it was already Pure Grey so hopefully the colour would match saving me a paint job and the hassle of getting that done. A few scrapes I can live with for now.
With the front on and waiting for a coolant elbow still I decided to trial fit the bumper to see how it and the grille lined up.
It all fitted pretty good and colour match is on point, ordered a cheap polisher on Amazon and by cheap I mean CHEAP. A whole $17 usd. Bottle of compound which should be enough to polish the whole car for $16, now to wait for that.
That water blaster has been a bit of a godsend, this car has been off road at one point probably in this accident and the whole sub frame was filled with mud and grass. Even mud and sticks in the engine bay, couldn't believe how many times I had to blast it.
Just when you thought you'd got it all more would appear.

Mk7 Golf - Jetta / Re: My Jetta GLI
Last post by 80 Vert - May 17, 2024, 01:35:44 PM
Quote from: coons on May 16, 2024, 03:24:46 PMNice progress, what's the time frame you're working to, how long are you there?

I finished it today actually, tomorrow I'm heading down to the DMV to see what the registration process is.
Mk7 Golf - Jetta / Re: My Jetta GLI
Last post by coons - May 16, 2024, 03:24:46 PM
Nice progress, what's the time frame you're working to, how long are you there?
Mk7 Golf - Jetta / Re: My Jetta GLI
Last post by Worms - May 13, 2024, 12:53:54 PM
Nice work.

Pics took a little while to start loading but were pretty quick once they started.
Mk7 Golf - Jetta / Re: My Jetta GLI
Last post by 80 Vert - May 11, 2024, 03:01:05 PM
Went and bought a cheap water blaster from Harbor Freight yesterday to start getting this thing cleaned up, with the front off it's pretty easy to clean the engine bay which I did this morning. While doing that the FedEx guy showed up around lunch with my new intercooler so that was the missing piece to assemble the cooler pack as all the other parts were ready to go.
Unfortunately, a small bracket was broken off in shipping but luckily nothing that will stop me putting it together. I could return it for a new one but I don't have the luxury of time to wait so this will have to do.
The battery also didn't want to take a charge so Walmart had new ones at a reasonable price, stuff here isn't as cheap as it used to be but with inflation running at 9 - 10 % that's understandable yet you can still fill up a Mazda 3 with fuel for around NZ$65 which is probably half of NZ.

Got the front end on and everything connected apart from the top radiator hose as that's still waiting for a coolant elbow coming from FCP Euro. The vent hose was broken off stopping me putting coolant in and bleeding the system. That's the last piece I need before being able to road test it.
Heard today that my repaired seat belts are on their way back as well, pretty awesome service.

Next up are the headlights, one was unbroken and the other I got used. Complete with bulbs and modules.
Got those installed and fiddled around with gaps and fitment most of the afternoon.
The bonnet latch is pretty bent as well but it will work for now till I find another one.
I'll need to find a local PDR guy to sort a few of the dents from the accident but I'll get it driving first and see what it's like.
General Discussion / Re: NEW BINKY VIDEO!
Last post by le mans - May 11, 2024, 11:16:34 AM
Some you you might enjoy this:

No doubt also available on other platforms.
Mk5 Golf - Jetta - Eos / Re: Key stuck
Last post by Pristle - May 10, 2024, 01:21:59 PM
An update to this episode. The remote issue back in October was minor, I'd not plugged a connector in properly.

However nearly 6 months after this, I started experiening the reverse of what started this thread happened. I started having a problem turning the car on. The key would turn to the point of disengaging the steering lock but no further. A jiggle of both key and steering wheel normally got me right. An then it didn't. Much to Uber's benefit.

Concerned it was the key barrel this time, I ordered yet another replacement lock assembly anyway. The prospect of a new key and that drama makes me nervous. This time not a 'knock off' from TradeMe but a Febi-Bilstein unit from Pelican (Sorry Harry's and Qualitat, but $127 to my door in 3 days....just saying). This came complete with one-time bolts too.

The part arrived on Monday and my wife asked me how it worked (I think she was feigning interest in a bid to show she cares). I of course showed her, completely forgetting Thomas's sage words. It was shortly after that I remembered and also found under the cardboard base of the box it all came in the ACHTUNG! warning. In that warning it also said it cannot be serviced and a replacement would need to be ordered.

Then the car battery died. Just to add to the mix.

Anyway, while it was a fiddle, I was able to successfully disassemble, retract lock and reassemble. It's a remarkable piece of over-engineering. It also allowed me to see how bad the TradeMe special actually was. At a quick glance it looks the part, complete with VW and Audi logos and part number on it. But after sweeping away the metal filings I could see that some of that over engineering wasn't even there. Where the should be a spring active pin, there was just a pin and where there was supposed to be a locking pin, the cavity for the pin wasn't even there. The saving grace is the fact the seller is offering a full refund.

Once I had the main assembly out, I removed the ignition switch cap from the opposite end from the key and was able to rotate the shaft to the position I could remove the actual key barrel. Half a teaspoon of alloy filings tipped out shortly after that.

Lessons learned? Sure. 1. Do the work first then show your wife how it should work on the faulty unit when she feigns interest and wants mansplaining. 2. Don't buy knock-offs from TardMe. 3. It still pays to shop around and bring your own bits in.
A4 - S4 - RS 4 - A5 - S5 - RS 5 / Re: NZ new Audi A4 DTM B7's
Last post by RS ZWEI - May 09, 2024, 09:19:22 AM
Quote from: superfueler on May 08, 2024, 04:53:46 PMDo you perhaps know if any DTM's were imported into the Australian market?

No I don't sorry.