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WoF didn't go so well...

I'm a little bit shocked and very happy that the EFI conversion kit I bought in January 2021 arrived recently!! It looks excellent.

I'm in two minds as to whether I install as the car is running well at the moment. But it would be a cool project.
As for the delay, I don't know what happened. The first parcel was lost by UPS, remember when that ship got stuck and messed up global shipping? Then after a few months everything went quiet. The company reappeared in January 2024 and is filling all back orders.

Quote from: GLIDN on March 05, 2024, 05:58:00 PMthis machine just keeps getting better looking every time I see a photo of it.

I'm sure the OG 15" wheels must make the car so much nicer to drive than before.
Yes! So much better.
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Last post by 80 Vert - May 27, 2024, 12:32:44 PM
With all of that done we hit the road on our 3 day 1200 mile road trip East taking us through Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina into Virginia. Did 500 miles the first day which was a little much and had nothing but a low tyre pressure warning come up. Interestingly service stations here charge you for air! Yep couldn't believe it at first but then 2 bucks isn't exactly a lot either.
Car went well other than a very noisy growly tyre in the back, has a horrible vibration too at 70mph right where you mostly sit at.
Next stop took a look at that and its some cheap nasty rock hard 480 treadwear chinese garbage tyre. The other side rear is a Firestone which is quiet so I'll end up getting another one of those to match giving me two pairs on the car.
Keeping an eye on coolant and oil until I know what it's habits are but all seems fine so far.
Before we left I was messing around with VCDS and enabled auto roll down / up of all the windows from the keyfob.
There were a couple of existing codes in the right doors, one of which was no communication to the right rear door and the passenger sill entry light doesn't work either. The door codes stopped the window roll down working but once you clear the codes it does work a couple of times till the codes pop up again.
In the next couple of days I'll spend an evening at the motel messing with that, checking door wire harness first and going from there. Those couple of codes are the only ones in the entire car so I'd like to resolve them.
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Went with RTV

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The front of the car looks clean with no plate on. Great job.
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Last post by 80 Vert - May 23, 2024, 12:23:06 PM
Next job on the list was the A/C, as I've had to replace the condenser with a new one the system needed a re gas.
Again super easy in the land of the US and A, go down to your local Walmart, O'Reilly auto parts or Autozone and you can buy cans of R134A for around 10 bucks each.
R134A is not something you can even get easily in NZ and what is available is expensive.
They have large cans here as well with a gauge and trigger but these are more for topping up rather than a full system fill. Not to worry though O'Reilly and Autozone have FREE yes, free loan tools to do this at home so you pay what the tools cost retail and when you return them you get a full refund.
In my case it was just over 400 usd for a set of A/C gauges and a vacuum pump, took these back to my brother in laws and pulled a vacuum on the system and then with the cans I'd bought from Walmart gassed it up. It took one full can and we weighed the 2nd one to ensure the correct amount went in and also putting in some compressor oil due to what was lost with the condenser swap.
Nice cold A/C for 25 bucks! Just so so easy.
Next morning I could actually drive my newly repaired and registered car down to O'Reilly to return their tools and test the A/C properly, works flawlessly.
One tyre had a cut in it and I'd ordered another one the same off Ebay which had arrived several days earlier so I took that down to Walmart Auto Center for them to fit and balance it. Nearly time to hit the road for a 1200 mile road trip to help a friend.