Road noise from front left (Audi A8 D4)

Started by heylinb4nz, March 07, 2023, 05:25:58 PM

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been chasing some excessive road \ tyre noise front front left of 2012 Audi A8 D4. You can hear it kick in at 20 kmh upwards and it gets louder in conjuntions with driving on rougher road surface or when braking.

I would describe it as loud tyre noise with a almost harmonic\howling aspect to it at 80-100 kmh. doesnt change pitch with speed, just gets louder.

Tyres are quiet as (Conti Sport 5 with Conti Quiet tech) and its only on front left, and can feel it down low in foot well.

Audi have looked over the front left 2 times and say nothing wrong and keep saying tyres.

I am thinking perhaps at 2012 perhaps the rubber in the Lower Control Arm hydro bush has lost its flex and transmitting NVH ???

Open to other areas to check.