Cupra Ateca launched

Started by rambo_005, February 23, 2018, 10:21:57 AM

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Cupra is now a standalone sub-brand of SEAT, and the 330hp 4WD version of the Ateca is the first model to be launched.



yup, that's got my name written all over it.
Can't wait for these to be launched.

Wonder if they will be selling them at the SEAT dealership or creating another Cupra Dealership..
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Taken delivery of a new Cupra Ateca after a wait of 8 months. First impression is - it's quick. Strange, after all the discussion re the distinct Cupra brand, that mine's registered as a SEAT Cupra Ateca! There are four in the country, a blue press car, black demonstrator, my Rhodium Grey example and another the same colour. Ordered the Brembo brake upgrade, but these will have to be retro-fitted due to supply constraints. 


it will still be a seat for regulatory reasons.

overseas theses are still sold from seat dealers, albeit in a dedicated corner of the showroom.

same here ?

it's surprising to see a 300hp seat suv in the market before the equivalent vw.

overseas these are seen as being a bit pricey, here they start at $64k, which is a fair bit cheaper than the less powerful, less sporty tiguan 2.0 petrol r line.

sounds like a winner !

did you get the copper wheels too ?


I didn't spec the copper rims. They, like the brembos, are not currently available for NZ-build cars.
Dane at Cupra/ SEAT expects to get both options on 2020 production vehicles (from September 2019). So end of year here. Probably.
My brembos will be retro-fitted then.

Not completely taken by the Cupra's appearance, but it fits my criteria - reasonably compact but spacious, AWD with 'off-road' mode for access to a rural property. Quick and fun to drive. A bit unusual too. And I like the different drive options. Sport-mode favoured so far.

I see the blue Cupra Ateca is now available to the local motoring media. Hope they don't follow the UK press and spend most of their review talking about the badge, and branding, rather than testing the car!

The guys at SEAT/ Cupra are great to deal with.


Whats the finish/build quality like? Up to usual VW/Audi standard?


Quote from: Max on May 13, 2019, 04:18:07 PM
Whats the finish/build quality like? Up to usual VW/Audi standard?

I don't imaging the Seat stuff to be too much different, once you start looking around the cabins you notice alot of the same parts is just picked and placed straight off the VW production lines.

I think this Ateca looks quite nice on the outside, good golf r engine on it too. The interior is the letdown, what was really nice in 2013 for VW is now outdated in 2019. Of course VW is updating it's interiors very soon for 2020+ models