new Polo sized EV

Started by the phantom, April 25, 2023, 09:29:22 AM

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the phantom

I like it, it makes current Toyota and Honda styling look amateurish
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Nothing to get excited about.

New Renault 5 has more style.

As does the current Peugeot e-208.

And the baby Tesla ?


I'd agree on the R5, however as Bernard Schafer pointed out in the interview, VW aim to make cars for the 'every man' and as such have to be  less polarising, if that is the right word, stylewise.
Also, I would not be holding my breath on a stylish Tesla as all their offerings to date, sit firmly in the 'whiteware goods' department.
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I really can?t see them getting the price to ?25k with that stated range of 450kms unless they plan to lose money for each car sold in order to lock in buyers.

2025 probably also means end of 2025 so it will be interesting if the Polo look ages well compared to whatever other car companies come up with then.

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